A method to create vibrant, diverse and self-sustainable communities starts with the appreciation of the trees
What we do

restore native forests
by applying technology and knowledge we learned from nature, engaging a collaboration of socially and environmentally responsible people
advise communities
on making self-sustainable forests a foundation for regenerative and sharing economy, offering more eco-friendly and healthy product choices
make forests a culture
where citizens and city officials collectively apply science behind the trees, soil and living species around to address social and climate issues
↓ 50%
reduction of deforestation rate
Restoration of degraded and deforested soils must be accelerated to reach 350 million hectares by 2030 to allow us to keep global warming temperatures at safe levels and achieve carbon neutrality by 2nd half of this century, collectively abiding to the December 2015 Paris Agreement recommendations on minimizing human impact on the climate.
or 13 billions trees per year
According to the New York Declaration on Forests, afforestation is the natural and most cost-effective solution to simultaneously reduce greenhouse gases emission and remove excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from the Earth's atmosphere, which can be used by all environmentally committed organizations, groups and individuals to combat global warming
Rapid vegetation recovery
Faster regeneration of eco-systems damaged by extreme weather events, bad agricultural practices and other human activities, including abandoned industrial and post-war zones.
Afforestation of dry regions
Preventing and reversing desertification by creating biodiverse forests and restoring soil fertility in challenging areas with dry conditions and only small amount of available water.
Smart and safe living spaces
Resilient landscaping solutions, naturally preserving life-giving top soils, protecting habitat from heat, winds and floods, while generating more oxygen and reducing carbon footprint.
Ambiforest recognizes the importance of Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to the implementation of all SDGs, and notably the following:
We work with
Communities around the world
Adaptation of self-sustainable eco-friendly models is an opportunity for people and small business to integrate modern supply chains with both social and economic benefits.
Progressively thinking creators
We engage architects, designers and engineers, as well as climate-conscious citizens and underground eco-activists, to push urbanism towards environmentalism.
Schools, academies and universities
Think of applying Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and Creativity skills to solve real world issues as the natural way for youngsters to explore the world.
Governments, corporations, NGOs
Ambiforest helps organizations to act from replenishing and restoring mindset, building economies and communities that thrive, while allowing the planet to thrive too.
Let's restore a forest together!
Ambiforest create vibrant, diverse and self-sustainable communities starts with the appreciation of the trees.
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The future of sustainability is regeneration. Let's make your world a better place.
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